Treasure Twirl

Treasure Twirl is a game developed exclusively for casino and it can’t be played in any other online casino. Random Logic, a small company that only works for some well-known casinos, develops the game. If you are the kind of player that likes to hunt for jackpots using thousands of paylines and strategies, than Treasure Twirl Jackpot Slot is not the game for you. This is because treasure Twirl is a simple 3-reel 1 payline classic game. The slot game has only 8 possible winning combinations, and spinning the reels without any bonus game or multiple paylines might be dull for some players. However, considering the huge jackpot given away by and other important bonuses that might appear, you can be sure that the lack of options is compensated by the huge bonuses and jackpots available.

The treasure twirl is the most important symbol, as you will hit the progressive jackpot with it. The jackpot could easily go to more than 400 000 dollars, being one of the most important in the online casino’s world. However, this bonus is somewhat different from other bonuses available online, as it is an exclusive of 888 casinos.

Usually companies give the progressive jackpots away. For instance, the Marvel Jackpot is available on all the games developed by Cryptologic on the comic books theme. This is why thousands and thousands of players betting on hundreds of online casinos at the same time can win the bonus. Of course, this means you will have a practically zero chance to win this bonus. The Treasure Twirl Jackpot Slot is available only for clients. Let’s suppose there are a few hundred players on this slots machine at the same time. However, competing only with those players for this impressive bonus will surely increase your winning chances.

Treasure Twirl Jackpot Slot is attractive by its simplicity also. Having limited options and paylines, you could expect from Treasure Twirl to have some complicated symbols. This is not the case, as the Treasure Twirl, the crowns and some diamonds are amongst the fewest symbols that this game offers. You will also have limited betting options, as the game offers you the possibility to bet 1, 2 or 3 dollars at the same time. However, it is recommended to play with three dollars at a time if you want to hit the Treasure Twirl Jackpot Slot.

Even a simple cherry is a winner on Treasurer Twirl. It will bring you 6 coins, but three treasure twirl symbols with a coin denomination of 1 will bring you 15 000 credits! The established players are aware that classical games are more rewarding, and they are playing them all the time.

However, Treasure Twirl Jackpot Slot is not only recommended for high rollers hunting for jackpots. The game is also suited for those players that want to feel the atmosphere from a live Vegas Casino. Classic games are still at glance, and Treasure Twirl Jackpot Slot is one of those titles that prove it.