Monsters in the Closet

Monsters in the Closet Video Slot is a charming name in the slots casinos world that will bring back the charm of your childhood. The game is easy to play and understand, while the entertaining symbols and themed sounds will remind you about those days when the clothes in the closet scared you and you were afraid to sleep with the lights off. However, things have changed a little bit, as those small monsters could only “scare” you with the possibility to win enormous sums of money.

Graphics and presentation

Maybe the name of Microgaming under the RTG technology won’t need any kind of presentation for experienced slots players in the online environment. However, for the beginner players, we would have to say that Microgaming is the greatest warranty about security and reliability on any kind of game. Considering the fact that they are specialized in developing slots casino games, you can be sure that Monsters in the Closet Video Slot is surely a great choice. The game would never freeze or slow down even on older computers, but this won’t mean that the quality of the image is compromised.

Signup fees and other bonuses

Signup fees are different on every casino that hosts this game. However, the game is one of the most popular slots games, so you can be sure that most casinos would give you a great signup bonus to play this game. Once you get over the signup part, you could go straight to playing this outstanding 5 reel 50 payline game that could increase your daily casino earnings to maximum. Don’t be afraid to look in the closets like you were in your childhood. Those closets could hide hidden treasures and it will be a pity to miss them.

Symbols and potential earnings

The 50 potential winning paylines would surely give you the thrill you need. look for a ghoulish door knocker or a scattered skull, as those are the scatter symbols. Each scatter symbol could bring you surprise winnings. If you have the luck to find more than 2 scatter symbols on the same screen, you will activate the 12 free spins session. That is not all, as you will also benefit from the 12 times multiplier during this period. If you want more, some of those symbols could give you the opportunity to open the Monster Closet, a place where you could hit the big bonus. Take great care about choosing the door you are opening, as some of those doors could give you a disappointing big…nothing. However, usually this is not the case, as Monsters in the Closet Video Slot prides itself as being one of the most rewarding slots games available on the online casinos.


A Microgaming slots game under the RTG technology, a pleasant but also thrilling interface, many bonuses and jackpots available, and also catching sounds and animations. A low resource consuming game that won’t be demanding even with an old computer can be a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time online, or even to hit the big jackpot that will allow you to stay at home for the rest of your life.