Dolphin King Video Slot

Myths and misconceptions about video slots online: unfortunately, around the online casinos and poker rooms there was formed a sufficiently large number of various erroneous views. Let’s try to understand and determine if they have a rational core.

Myth 1: All the online casinos and many poker rooms are cheaters. I'm afraid, the main perpetrators of such an opinion are so-called “scripting casinos” that have no relationship to the casino, but they by their shameless acts have spoiled the opinion about the online casinos in general. Even from the players with experience we often have to hear "once a casino has an opportunity to cheat, then they all cheat" (similar to poker: for poker rooms it is very useful to deal the cards by chance, pushing the major combinations, to increase the rake").

Indeed, there is such possibility, because if you remember, the game results are generated on the server of casino or poker room. In principle, the institution has the opportunity to issue non-random results. The only question - whether gaming sites have such opportunity? I regret to admit that some will certainly enjoy. But on the other hand, there are lots of casinos with video slots and more online poker rooms, which game results confirm – they play honestly. This is confirmed by the rather large winnings of players and statistical analysis of results in the same way as the statistical analysis indicates unscrupulous casinos.

Myth 2: The casino will sell my personal information; my e-mail will be used for spam and credit card number will be stolen by hackers. As it was already mentioned, for the transfer of personal and financial data people use modern cryptography. Credit card numbers are usually stored on servers that are disconnected from the Internet that is secured from hacking and information leakage. Financial transactions are often served by specialized companies that do not belong to the casino.

Nevertheless, the theoretical risk exists. There have been several cases of selling o f databases of player’s addresses; although in last few years there was no information about the stealing of credit card numbers or money from the card of players by the casinos fault. Again, such cases could be avoided – you can not to play in the casino-one-day, and play in already tried and trusted.

Myth 3: The casino or poker room can steal my money and refuse to pay. You should try very much to find an institution that banal steals clients' money. In practice, even the casino that wants to close pays the money in full. This is followed by the licensing authority and by the supplier of the software.

Myth 4: it is very difficult to register an account in the casino or poker room, as well as input and output your money. This myth is probably from lack of development of the national payments system of the Internet, and in real life too. In the West already for a long time people pay by credit cards, and through online stores people buy goods not less than in the real ones. Proper registration procedure takes a few minutes - to enter personal data and user name / password. Transfer money to the casino / poker room, or get them back is easy too, if you do not have experience with payments on the Internet, read the section about payments.

Briefly summarized, we can say that the myths have arisen due to some amount of dishonest casino with video slots. Fortunately, on the internet there are enough reliable and repeatedly proven casinos and poker rooms where you can play video slots without any doubt.