Cleopatra II Video Slot

Cleopatra II, who is not familiar with Cleopatra? She is the queen of Egypt is very well known, many who know the history of Cleopatra, Egyptian queen evens became famous history of Egypt, and the history of the world. And this game took the name of Cleopatra, because shades of Egyptian-theme game, with the queen Cleopatra, if you play this game, the creator of this game makes the game more interesting Cleopatra II, you will feel as if playing in Egypt, wow! That was fantastic!

In the game Cleopatra II is the game with 20 lines, 5 reels on each round that contained certain symbols to be combined so that you can win! If you put a coin bet that you input into the line of play in this game, will automatically activate this game. Cleopatra II In this game you will be treated to a very simple chance, a chance to play games that are different from other games, you can feel the elegance and richness of this game, if you get a wild symbol, wow! Will make you surprise! Wild symbol can double the value of your gift! That is very interesting! And you can get the opportunity to spin freely with gifts whose value is double the prize, and prizes will continue to grow as you continue to play in the game Cleopatra II.

Nothing wrong with you try to play Cleopatra II game, if you play this game, you will get a bonus that many times, or a double bonus that can be found. With kecilpun bets you can get a great gift! Even a double gift! If you bet high, you will get a chance to get Egyptian pyramids that exist in this game which means you will get an additional bonus prize that means the surplus to your wealth!

Are you ready to become ruler of Egypt? So prepare your bet, and play as much as possible, you try to use strategy to play, and taking into account all the steps you do, and this will brings you the gift that can makes you rich sudden!

Cleopatra II In this game there are the usual symbols, which is a wild symbol, a wild symbol doubles, random symbols, and wild symbols that can be found in the double to reach 50 times the symbol in this game, it was amazing!

You can play this game for free, or if you want to experience more challenges you can bet on this game, or play for real, with real money! The stakes are very small in value, among $ 0.01 to most large is $ 5 on each line, and you can bet a maximum of up to 5 coins per line in this game. The total maximum bet you can install is $ 500, and if you had bet that big, so be prepared, you will get a double bonus prize!

Important please note, that there is a maximum payout on this game amounted to a bet that you attach is 10,000 coins, the accumulated reward will you get depends on how big a bet that you install and how much you earn the victory in each round, and the accumulated value a gift that you earn will be double or more than doubled, because this game is not like the normal game, if you get a prize, you will get a double reward!