Bullion Bonanza Jackpot

Bullion Bonanza has 3 reels and 3 video paylines. Gamesys Group developed the software. The bet denominations are set at $1 for each payline bet and the maximumwager is up to 3 coins. Three spinning reels enable the winning combinations and each coin you place enables a payline.

The Bullion Bonanza video slot game features wild and multiplier symbols but has no scatter symbol. It also features a progressive jackpot, which is activated if you bet with maximum of 3 coins. The symbol combinations that appear on the paylines decide the winnings in the Bullion Bonanza game. It is also dependent on the value as well as the number of the coins you bet. The total winnings are equivalent to the number of coins won multiplied with the value of coins played.

The wild symbol for the game is the “Gold bar” symbol and it substitutes for all other symbols to create winning combinations. Only one gold bar symbol is enough to “double” the payouts of the winning combinations whenever you see two such gold bar symbols on the reels and the payout of the winning combinations is “quadrupled”.

The jackpot prizes build up continuously. The value is displayed on the screen during the game. Only players who bet for maximum of three coins for each spin are eligible to play the jackpot round game. At the time of playing for “Progressive Jackpot” if 3 gold bar symbols appear on the 3rd payline you acquire Progressive Jackpot. The progressive jackpot feature is open only to the “real money players”.

During the Bullion Bonanza game, players can observe the “Mining carts” moving at the background of the screen. As they move, the coins falling sound indicate the win. The winning combinations are displayed to the left of the slot machine. When you see three numbers of blue “7” symbols you get “50x” of your betting value. If you happen to see any blank symbols, they will no way distract you from the main game instead will add some pleasant prizes.

The background music of the game does not irritate the players. Even the reel revolving sound is played with only soft jingles. The game does not offer any bonus feature for the players and therefore minimizes the playing tension.

Players need to follow simple instructions for playing Bullion Bonanza. First decide to yourselves the number of coins you want to play. For playing progressive jackpot you have to wager 3 coins. Input the number of coins you want to bet by clicking on the ‘Bet One’ or ‘Bet Max’ buttons in the game. You have to click on ‘Bet Max’ when you opt for playing progressive jackpot with 3 coins bet. Use the same ‘Bet Max’ button to bet for maximum number of coins in the next spin. Using this button you can win prizes on all paylines that are available in the game. Once you have given all the necessary inputs for the game to begin, press ‘Spin’ button to start the game.