A Night out Slot

If your parents do not allow you to spend a night out, then you do not have to worry; you can easily spend a night out regularly without going out, amazed? You should be. Play tech has introduced a new game A Night Out video slot which has many, many new features that will really be enjoyed by you, while going out for a night with friends. The features of this machine are that you can put multi coins, multi lines, dollar ball lotto jackpot, free spin bonus round, etc. This game has a lot of exciting features; it has 5 reels from which you can easily form you winning combinations and has 20 pay lines, which can be enabled by placing more money.

You can enable all the winning lines by placing a minimum of $0.20 on bet; your winnings are multiplied to the active pay lines. To check this game out, you can also play this game for free, if you did not find this game that much excited to be played, you can move to the next one but you’re really going to love this game. It has money denominations for all the players around the globe for their ease and convince. You can start this game from as low as $0.01 and put $2.00 per pay line at stake and you can wager up to 10 coins per line. You can put up to $200 on stake, which will be multiplied or doubled depending on your winnings.

A Night Out video slot has a jackpot that keeps increasing, which is a lotto type progressive side game. During this feature, you have to pick 5 numbers out of 49 numbers. After starting the main slot machine, the computer will draw five numbers randomly. You can win exciting prizes with this feature, if all the five numbers match your selection, as you will be rewarded for the dollar ball progressive jackpot and if few numbers match, you will be rewarded accordingly. You can also change your selected numbers, if you think they would not appear on the screen. You can select a lucky number according to your stars or you can ask the computer to select the numbers randomly for you.

The beer mug represents the wild symbol. It means that the beer symbol can alternate all the symbols to form a winning combination for you but this symbol cannot alternate the scatter symbol to form a scatter winning combination. This game has one more unique symbol of a bartender and the wild symbol cannot alternate the bartender symbol either and cannot trigger the free spin bonus round. It should be kept in mind that if you have more than 1 arrangement to win 1 enabled winning line, then you will be paid for the top arrangement only.

Scatter symbol is denoted by the dance floor symbol which enables it to appear anywhere on the screen, on an activated winning line. Give it a try, by playing for free online.